young academy

Learning an instrument or singing in a beautiful atmosphere. The somewhat different "music school": In our young academy (music academy for VOCAL, CORREPETITION, PIANO, VIOLIN, CELLO) children and young people can learn their instrument, singing or the art of song accompaniment in a sound way. Our teachers teach with innovative and modern methods, always approach the child or adolescent with understanding and patient:  Piano lessons from 4 years, Singing lessons from 6 years, violin from 3 years, trumpet/cornett about 8 years, better 10. Early childhood voice training and language support on the piano from 4 years, chamber music    Concerts, concert tours, competitions, musical theater projects (Little Opera e.V.), Children's choir (via Little Opera e.V. - always project-related) , Concert class (talent promotion at a high level, in cooperation with Little Opera e.V.)  Preparation for the cultural profession or music studies (artistic & musical preparation)     Voice training & voice training, speech training for adults - your voice can be the key to your career and is indispensable in many professions. More information can be found under "Voice & Career". Also suitable for students who need more self-confidence in everyday school life (e.g. oral exams, presentations etc.) Our classrooms are located in Pinneberg Süd, Rellingen Ort, Halstenbek and Rellingen Krupunder and others. in cooperation with the local schools (further catchment area: Appen, Pinneberg, Kummerfeld, Ellerhoop, Halstenbek, Schenefeld, Moorrege, Hamburg, Hasloh, Quickborn). Teaching takes place in a beautiful, sheltered atmosphere. The children are introduced individually to the music and, with higher talent, intensively and specially promoted e.g. in our concert class. Our team We are happy to take inquiries by phone at 04101 / 8055-724 or by e-mail. You can register for classes online using our registration form. We can also be reached at 0176/40528275 (Simone Anders) or 0178/8862966 (Sabine Maria Schoeneich). We always have an open ear - if we are in class, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Member of: bdfm (Federal Association of Free Music Schools) Little Opera Jungakademie, Amselstraße 4 a, 25462 Rellingen, phone 04101 / 6013500